Very nice points here but am tempted to ask does doing all these things keep a man?
  These are the things a woman in love does with ease,in fact I am a staunch believer in making one’s man feel like a king, that doesn’t make the woman a slave by the way.
  A reasonable man that is being treated like a king by his woman knows best not to mess with her.
So many arguments out there about the things a woman needs to do to keep her man,the society now blames the failure of marriage or any man-woman relationship these days on the woman.
  A man walks out on his marriage,tongues start wagging about how his wife characters drove him out, he chose to have an extra-marital affairs,they say there is something his wife is not doing right.
  Does a man need an excuse to stray?
What is your opinion about this subject matter,we would love you to share your thoughts with us.We await your comments

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