This open letter has been trending on the social media in Nigeria, please read;


I wonder what women mean when they say their man was snatched.What am I missing here? A grown man being snatched? Please continue;


While reading through this letter, I was patiently waiting for a point where the wife will acknowledge her husband’s role in this”snatching” saga but alas I never got it.
  At this junction, let me say that any married man who strays and gets entangled with another woman is as guilty or even more guilty that the woman.He made himself available. It takes two to tango for crying out loud.
I know this is a topic that people will never come to have a general agreement on, lots of people argue that some of this straying husbands may have been manipulated with African Voodoo,even though I will never agree with this school of thought.
But let’s assume this is true,before a man will be finally “jazzed” to  the point of leaving his wife/family,he must have put himself in that position.By this, I mean there must have been some type of relations between him and the other woman.
  What is your honest opinion on this topic, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Ifeoma Genny

    i believe and am convinced that no responsible man in his right senses can be snatched, as you rightly said” it takes two to tango”, a man can never be snatched without him playing a major role of availing himself to be snatched and dancing to the snatching music.


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