Broken Promises Breaks Trust

The natural response to broken promises is the feeling of distress and betrayal. In some cases, trust can be rebuilt, although it is very difficult and can take a lot of time. It is not only a person’s integrity that is tarnished when one neglects to keep his or her promise. The trust between people is inevitably damaged in the instance a promise is broken. Sometimes, the effects of the broken promise on a person’s trust can even become permanent


When you make a promise, you are building expectation that you will fulfill this promise. People look forward to the fulfillment of a promise, and rely on this as though it will surely be accomplished. When the promise is not kept, it shadows a person’s belief in the integrity of the promise maker. It disappoints those who are on the losing end, and generates ill feelings.

Although a person may forgive the broken promise, he or she may never be able to trust the person who is not true to their word. The relationship between two people after a promise is broken may no longer be the same again.
In some extreme cases, a broken promise might not only affect the relationship between the promise maker and the receiver, but also the mindset of the receiver towards people in general. This usually occurs when promises broken are very personal and meaningful to the receiver.


You may carelessly break promises, thinking it will be okay, or that it is no big deal. However, to the receiver, the fulfillment of a promise might actually matter a lot. This is why, no matter how petty we perceive a promise to be; it is best to keep it. Nonetheless, in order to refrain from destroying the trust being handed to us by other people.
So its advisable and logically right to make only the promises we can keep,broken promises not only break trust it can also give one an image of being a liar.
Trust is one of the basic life of a relationship and one should never take it for granted, once it is lost,it can almost never be regained.
Do not break promises,learn to keep to your words.

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