So many times, I’ve heard about cases of kidnapping and missing children, and each time I come across those stories am always never myself for sometime.I try to put myself in the mother’s shoes and try to imagine what she will be passing through not knowing what her child’s fate will be and I also try to imagine what the child will be going through.The thought of the kind of treatment meted out on the child scares me and how it will be almost unbearable coping without seeing the people and faces they are used to.
   I am always angry at this inhumane souls called kidnappers, I see them as heartless and each time I read about the arrest of kidnappers am extremely glad that they will finally get to pay for their crimes.
   But then something happened on my way to work yesterday,I boarded a keke napep and when the driver got to the bus-stop, I saw a woman with two children trying to get into the”keke”(a tricycle) and to my utmost surprise, their mother only pushed the children into the keke and gave the older one who will not be more than 5 years old a #50 (fifty naira ) note and instructed the driver to drop them at a particular bus-stop.


I was amazed and angry at the same time, am the type that minds my business, I try not to get involved in other people’s affairs, but I just couldn’t take this.I asked the woman what it will cost her to come along with her kids and then get back to whatever she is doing that’s so important.
Well, she gave me that epic look of mind your business and then hissed, at this junction, the two men in the vehicle lashed out at her.Despite all, she still didn’t budge,and the keke had to move.
  Now,that experience left me asking if some mothers really care about their children,with the increased spate in children kidnapping, a mother pulled that stunt, and then if the children were unlucky to have met a kidnapper disguised as a driver, their mother will be the first to start shedding tears when she caused her own problems.Imagine the carelessness.
Dear mothers, please we need to be more careful and watch out for our little ones.They need our protection and care, we owe them that, let’s not leave them at the mercy of these wicked souls called kidnappers.Let’s play our own part in protecting them.They are our future.

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