An Instagram user shared a photo of a woman who she said is her hairstylist, with injuries on her face and her neck, saying she was badly beaten by her husband.

According to her, the victim shared the picture on one of her social networks, and she called to ask what happened, only to find out from the victim that her husband allegedly beat her up.

When asked why her husband did that to her, she said the man accused her of being too proud because she has a successful business.

She also said that the victim alleged that this is not the first time it is happening.

Read her caption below –

I’m sad!!! This is my hairstylist!

She has a very good braiding salon somewhere in Yaba…I’ve referred a lot of my friends to her shop!

I had to call her after I saw her post…I was hoping she will say she was involved in an accident but she said her husband did this to her!

Why??? Why???

According to her, her shop has been closed down since Friday because her husband believes she’s getting proud because she has a successful business!

I wouldn’t post this because I like to get my facts right but I thought about her…I know her, very hardworking woman & no one should do this to anyone regardless!

She also said this is not the first time!! Real men don’t beat women!

I’m thinking Grace & I’m also thinking we will find this man & lock him up!!! Say no to domestic violence!

Why would you do this to anyone?        Credit:@iamdivinediva1


Looking at this picture, I am saddened and all I can ask is why will a husband do this to a wife he promised to protect, if a wife is hardworking and earns more than her husband; isn’t it to the benefits of the man since she will assist him in the financial matters of the home? Why will a man allow inferiority complex push him to this extent? I know for a fact that real men don’t beat their women, they would rather take a walk.

I look forward to a world with no case of domestic violence either from a man to a woman or vice-versa ; yea, men are also victims.#saynotodomesticviolence.

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