Policemen attached to Igbogbo Division in Lagos have
arrested a 70-year-old school proprietor for allegedly
raping an eight-year-old pupil.
The Primary 4 pupil of Brighter Glory School (names
withheld) disclosed that the proprietor, Mr. Isaac
Eniasec, sent her to go and tidy up his office after
close of school.
While cleaning, she said, “he came into the office and
asked me to lie down. I was scared because of what
my mother told me about men. When I hesitated, he
tore my pant and laid on me.”
Meanwhile, her classmate and her younger sister, said
to have been on their way home with her when the
proprietor called, reportedly went in to find out why
she was taking long, only to catch the proprietor in the
A relative of the victim said on sighting the pupils, the
proprietor got up, straightened his shirt and dashed out
of the office.
She said when the news reached them, they rushed to
the school only to find the pupil still in the proprietor’s
office and bleeding from her private part.
“We took her to a private hospital where doctors
confirmed that there was penetration and that her
hymen had been broken. Some semen were brought
out of her private part and shown to us,” she said.
Describing the incident as dehumanising, the girl’s
father disclosed that when news of the alleged
defilement went round Eturenren Street, where the
school is located, it was discovered that his daughter’s
case was not the first of its kind with the 70-year-old
“This is a big disgrace; a child that is old enough to
be his granddaughter. It was after the incident that I
got to know that my daughter was not the only girl
that has been assaulted by the man.
“We want him to be prosecuted to serve as deterrent
to others with such animalistic tendency.”
However when contacted, the septuagenarian’s son,
who refused to have his name in print, described his
father’s act as the handiwork of the devil, saying he
could have been under a strange influence.
Confirming the incident, spokesman for Lagos State
Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, said
the case has been transferred to the State Criminal
Investigation Department, SCID, for further
Omg…..What is my country turning into? Do we still have morals at all? Imagine a proprietor of a school molesting one of his pupils, a child put in his care, a child he is meant to protect.
How far with that 14 years jail term for rapists? I earnestly hope it will be enforced in this case.
Oh! How my heart bleeds for that little girl, imagine the trauma, imagine growing up remembering flashes of that stupid and heartless heart.I hope she undergoes some form of rehabilitation and counselling as she grows up.

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