It takes a person who has been a victim shyness to know how debilitating and unfriendly it could be.If you have never been in that situation;you would probably not understand what I’m talking about.Ever been Saddled with the burden of having to act in a particular manner just because you are trying to conform yourself to an image that you think people expect of you.

Do you always feel out-of-place when around colleagues,mates or peers? Have you ever felt neglected or overlooked in groups and wished your voice could be heard,perhaps you had found yourself in a gathering where you felt everyone else was staring at you and you were thinking of the best way to comport yourself in order not to be labelled a killjoy?

The truth of the matter is everyone experiences some sort of shyness at one point or the other;while some are a bit shyer than others,some for fear of being rejected tend to just be quiet and avoid people.

Personally, I do not believe anyone was born shy; shyness is an habit developed overtime maybe as a result of experiences, upbringing or the environment one grows up which makes one feel intimidated when having to interact with people from other background.

Shyness,just like every other habit can be overcome with a conscious effort and with a positive mind-set you can go from that timid, sulking and always downcast figure to a more outspoken,feisty and assertive personality.

You can out-shine your shyness with some of the following tips:
1. Identify the cause:Try as much as you can to identify what gets you nervous and jittery, analyse what makes you fearful and cautious. Knowing the cause of your shyness is the first step to overcoming it. You need to know the actual area that your shyness rears its head, could it be that you are shy around people because of their age or status.

2. Improve On How You See Yourself: One of the effect of trying to fit in into what others expect of you is that it builds fear of not meeting up to expectations and as such you feel it’s better not to try or be seen than feel rejected. Never try to be what people expect of you, only try to be comfortable in your own skin; be yourself.

3. Keep A Positive Mindset: Mind-set is everything; you can only reflect what you think and how you feel, stop focusing on your negatives but begin to see only your positives. Start to look at yourself as this wonderful person that has a lot to offer to the world and who cannot be suppressed or restricted because of fear of being rejected. This will make you less conscious of yourself and more accommodating of others.

4. Never Wear Your Shyness: Never ever let people become aware of your shyness, don’t go about telling people that you are shy; doing this will create a pity party which will most definitely worsen how you feel. If others notice it, make a joke out of it light-heartedly and move on. Avoid the label of being called a shy person, you should be seen as a unique personality.

5. Do Not Underestimate Yourself: We can sometimes be our very own enemy, do not allow your inner critic bring you down,you should allow your strengths speak for you.

Make a list of all your positive qualities and achievements, let them remind you of how much you are worth and how much more you have to offer whenever you want to start feeling insecure.
It is true that shy people feel disapproval or rejection even when it’s not there due to their imagination; tone down your imagination because people most likely like you much more than you think or give yourself credit for.

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