Text: Matt. 6:25-34
Every day, we worry about how to make money; how to live a comfortable life; how to give our children sound & solid education; how to build good houses; how to get to certain position in life; and so on.
It is not out of place to be worried but being worried cannot solve our challenges but rather worsen situation of things.
God is admonishing us in the above bible passages not to be worried because if He can provide food for the birds in the air and other animals in bush and in the sea, He will definitely provide more better food for us since we are His children.

Vs 33 is the solution to all our needs in life. Please key into it & u will never regret it.

1. Father, I come unto You today, have mercy upon me for all my past errors.
2. Lord, grant me the grace to seek Your kingdom and righteousness henceforth.
3. Every unprofitable struggle in my life, Oh Lord, let it come to an end as from today.
4. Father, bless the works of my hands to the glory of Your name.
Good morning to you.
Wishing u best in this week in Jesus name.
Remain blessed IJN.

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