Welcome to the fourth month of the year, april was derived from the Latin word   Aprillis meaning to open which is used in reference to the blossoming and opening of flowers associated with the fourth month.

I sincerely wish you a month filled with open doors, opportunities and breakthroughs; it’s never too late for dreams to turn to reality, may all our effort open doors of great tidings as we step into yet another month.

I implore you to step into this month with expectations, keep a positive attitude; look beyond whatsoever obstacles or disappointment you may have experienced the past months, channel your energy to inspiring ventures, fight every doubt, ‘re-ignite your passion, light up the fire that propels to be the best.Learn from failures; it’s always a stepping stone to success.

Thanks for always visiting my blog; continue to stick around as I promise to always give you the best, click and share your favorite posts.The joy I derive from knowing that one or two of my post touches lives can never ever  be explained.

Stay with me as we talk about everything together, you make my posts worthwhile;your comments and suggestions are highly welcome.

Happy New Month.

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