Syphilis, a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection (STI) which can be got primarily through oral, Anal and vaginal sex.Another way of being infected which is most times ignored is  kissing an in infected person for a prolonged period of time.An infected expectant mother will most likely infect her unborn child and this is equally and an avenue for fetal abnormalities.Did you know that a recent report by The European Center For Disease prevention and Control shows more than a significant 20% increase in the infection rate?That is a huge contrast to the general notion that the war against syphilis is being won thanks to its treatable nature by antibiotics.


1.Although syphilis is treatable with an antibiotics, there is a greater risk of it recurring.
2. It can live in the body for a Long period of time without being detected because it presents itself as a painless sore at the early stage of infection.
3. Syphilis is visible as a sore on the rectum,anus, vagina, penis and mouth.
4. It is an easy pathway to getting infected with HIV.
5. If left untreated it could be fatal, it could also damage the brain, liver, heart, bone, joint, eyes, blood vessels and other vital body organs.
  There are about 4 stages associated with a syphilis infection, the first stage being the unnoticed stage,known as the early or primary stage; the sore mainly appear as painless sores on or around the genitals.This progresses to the second stage called the secondary stage; at this stage, the sores become more noticeable extending to the palms and soles.The primary and secondary phase could be quite deceptive because the sores become healed with or without treatment after a little period of time.


  The third stage is the latent stage; this is the inactive stage where there are no symptoms.
The last stage, known as the tertiary and deadly stage.If the infection is not treated at this stage, the effects could be fatal.Health conditions such as brain damage, kidney failure,blindness, heart related problems and even death is inevitable.

  It’s high time you took care of your health, be in charge of your sexual health; ignorance is never an excuse, expunge the notion of being in the clear.
If you are sexually active, it is mandatory to practice safe sex, partners should also strive to be faithful to each other, this goes a long way in the prevention against being infected.Never think it can’t happen to me……it can as a matter of fact happen to anyone.

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