Success according to is the accomplishment of ones goal,the attainment of wealth,honors,position and the likes.
The feeling of achieving a set goal;the satisfaction and contentment derived after all the struggles,challenges and constraints encountered on the road to achieving.
Now to a lot of people;success can only come when the desired result has been achieved,a lot of people do not understand that success is not an event but a process;perhaps a journey.

To some other people,success is measured by their financial stability and physical acquisition;there is absolutely nothing wrong with being financially stable or acquiring wealth but success encompasses other achievements.that goes beyond finances and wealth.
It is the human nature to be successful,we all crave success at some point in life;we all want to be at the top of our game but sometimes fail to understand that success is almost impossible without encountering some difficulties or failures.

Did i hear you say failure is not a prerequisite for success? Well,ask some of the world’s greatest personality; you got a flare for something that you know as the next big thing,you see the prospect and how rewarding the idea is and with all the excitement you decided to share with one or two persons and after all effort to make them see what you see,they give you the ‘what are you talking about’ look.

Why do you think people succeed? Is it because they are lucky,could be because they are smart?Perhaps you think the successful ones are the ones with higher IQ?
To be successful,you should consider some if not all of the following

1.PASSION:Whatever you do,whatever plans you have;always do it for love.It shouldn’t always be about the money,let your passion lead you and money will follow suit.

2.WORK: Do not build your castles in the air,nothing good comes easy,you have to work.You need to understand that wishing it cannot achieve it;put in the work.

3.IMPROVE: Have you previously tried and failed? Put in more effort and watch yourself becoming good at it . Practice and practice even more to become better.

4.FOCUS:You know what is being said about being the Jack of all trades but master of none? To be successful,you need to focus on one thing at a time;trying to do too much means not giving your best to any which will definitely not yield good results.

5.PUSH: They say you can’t,say you can;they say it will never work,tell them you will make it work.You have to push yourself and when it seems there is no other way to getting it;push harder both mentally and physically.Push away the self-doubt,fear and shyness,who says you are not good and smart enough?.

6.SERVE: You have to work towards meeting a need,adding value;millionaires don’t just wake up a millionaire,they are raking in money by adding value. You just have to look around you,identify a need and solve it.

7.IDEA: Have an idea of what you want and how you hope to achieve it,everything existing is borne out of an idea.Ideas rule the world.

8.PERSIST: Persistence is the number one reason for success;against all odds,failure,criticisms,rejection and pressure.YOU have just got to persist
Remember,success doesn’t happen overnight,you have to put in the work;does it seem you failed the first time?Try and try over again until you get it. Listen,observe,ask questions,solve problems and make connections.
When they give you a reason why you can’t succeed,show them a thousand reason why you will and must succeed, See You At The Top

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