Good to have you back my dearest blog visitors,thanks for your love and support for onometalkam.I am very gplĺrateful.
    I did a post on strengthening parents/children relationship a while back, I talked about communication.
   We shall be looking at quality family time today.
Everyone of us crave attention, we like  to feel important and loved and I know how elated and important we feel when our loved ones let go of their busy schedule and time-consuming job  just to spend time with us.That feeling is better experienced.
  This time also applicable to children,try to create that time together,the family time to sit with the children and play some games,get to their child-like level and just have fun with them.
Children are the most sensitive group of people that I have come across, they understand the fact that mummy and daddy has to provide good things for them, but seeing mummy and daddy create time to be with them,shows them how important they are to their parents and how much they are valued.


  All we need as parents is atleast 30 minutes of our time with our children,play together,discuss about topics they would learn from.Make the environment conducive for them to ask questions,feed their inquisitive mind.
  Ask about their studies and how they are coping in school,enquire about their challenges with school work.Show interest in your children and everything that concerns them.The feeling that mummy and daddy has got my back can never be quantified.It makes the children feel loved and appreciated beyond words.


When was the last time you sat your children down to read a story to them? Was last did you talk about hard work and success with them? Your child has a prominent public figure that he admires, have you bothered learning about the life and struggle of that person so that you can teach your child one or two things about life as you narrate everything about such figure with your child? We need to go the extra mile as parents.
Spending time should be done in love,as parents let your children feel and see the love between mummy and daddy,let them have an idea of what spending quality family time together in love entails as this perception will be embedded in them.
Parents are the children’s first and best teachers and trust me when I say whatever they pick from us as children sticks with them for life.
Family time together doesn’t mean you go out with your children and abandon them with the help while you sit at a corner operating your phones or giggling away with your friend on the phone.


Quality family time means getting involved in whatever activity is going on,take turns to play with them, gist with them and you would be surprised at what you may find out about them during play.
Our children are our future and we need to invest all we can in them, I mean everything…….time included.

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