Today,i want to talk to the women folks out there.How often do we stand up for each other? Are you the type of woman who sees another woman as a threat?Do you hate seeing her happy?

That you lend a hand to make another fall does not guarantee that you would be standing forever. On the contrary, when you help someone else rise up, is guaranteed that you would be up. Remember that as long as the earth remains seed time and harvest time will never cease, if you enjoy seeing others fall, or making them fall, it is most likely that very soon you will fall, and there would be no one to help you up.

 What am talking about is women working with and for women (having one another’s back), and I am sure you all agree with me that we really need to get our act together. Why is it that some women are always so nasty to one another? I really believe that should change. It is a well known fact that a woman is an embodiment of motherhood, which means we give life. If we as women must achieve great success in life, we must become a special kind of people. A woman is created to give life, to always add to something or someone, to spread love to others, and give hope to the helpless.

 Our ultimate responsibility as women is to be a blessing to others, When you cease being a blessing, you begin to lose relevance. I believe that if women must work well together, first of all, every woman must make it a policy never to criticize other women, because you really don’t know what their story is. You really cannot know how you will handle any issue or situation till you have been there; Make it your policy not to put other women down.  

 Her being down does not add to you. Help her to get up, and you will never know the way down. You must always be ready to give a helping hand to everyone that needs it, never be weary of doing good, always know what you want in life and go for it. If there is something about your life that you don’t like change it; only if you can, don’t settle for less than your best. You must get your act together; no one wants to be around a person with a bad attitude. Great women are never pompous or arrogant. If you want to succeed for a very long time, never allow Pride to set in. Too many women have fallen because of pride, pride is self-importance and self-centeredness.

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