Sex!Sex!! Sex!!…..Are you one of the people who think Sex is overrated?Do you think sex is just a chore that you must do for the sake of doing?You will definately have a change of attitude towards sex after this post.


Sex is a wonderful experience, we should all understand that there is a sort of intimacy,contentment and healing that sex brings and until we understand these things,we will continue to see sex as a chore or one of  those things.
In order to be intimate with your better half and have a great sexual connection, you need to be willing to be at your most  vulnerable point both physically and emotionally,you have to let go of your defences and barriers.
  Do you know the level of damage a sex-starved marriage suffers?Lack of sex is a simple and straightforward recipe for infidelity and eventually divorce. Do you know how frustrating it feels to be rejected by your spouse when you want to have sex?I know no one wants to come home to deal with rejection after a busy day at work with rejection and criticisms.Do not say you are tired or you are not in the mood.That is why two people are involved in the act, it is the responsibility of your partner, he should get you in the mood.
When a partner is dissatisfied with the absence or frequency


and the other has an I don’t care attitude towards the feelings of his/her partner, it is not only sex that suffers, there will be a gradual loss of affection,hostility creeps in and intimacy at all levels suffers.There is a break in emotional connection,infidelity and divorce will not be far fetched.
Did I hear you say a man/woman who wants to cheat will do so even if he has sex the whole day?…….That is quite true, one can only try, do your best, leave no loose ends and be available, if your spouse decides to stray,it’s not your fault,it’s his /her choice.


Are you constantly avoiding sex? Are you fond of saying you are tired and not interested in sex? Are you frequently using the kids as an excuse to avoid sexual intimacy?are you one of those who give conditions before having sex with your spouse?
I understand that there are times that conditions such as the state of health will make it impossible to have sex, that shouldn’t be a problem between spouses who understand each other,this is where communication comes in.I acknowledge the fact that our body doesn’t just feel like it atimes but there are ways to go about it, do not forget sex therapists preach that sex is relaxing.
Lots of couples have argued against this,others are solidly in support of everyday sex.
Do you know that everyday makes sex much enjoyable and fun filled? Do you also know that sex everyday boosts confidence and makes you feel free to express yourself in the presence of your spouse.Yes, this is because you won’t be under pressure to impress your spouse since its not a once-in-a whole practice.
Do you also know that everyday sex eradicates inhibitions and excitement?
If you are one of those who think everyday sex makes sex in marriage appear as though it were a chore and as such the sexual excitement becomes lost,you need to consider changing this mindset,everyday sex becomes a chore when couples do not put in effort.How hot and steamy are  you with your partner behind closed doors? Do you just stay at a point and start counting the minutes for when it will end? Do you hurry your partner up and time him/her for sex?
Come on, you guys are married and as such should do anything and everything possible to have an enjoyable sex life, that is why is called marital sex.There is no form of  guilt, your partner’s body is yours, feel free to explore it.


  Spice up your sex life today and get deeply Involved in the act, sex is beautiful and the deep connection it creates is amazing. If you want it everyday, feel free to have it, it’s a good thing.If your partner’s libido can not match up to yours, teach him or her, people gradually learn to love sex, all you need is patience.
1.Sex is relaxing, it relaxes every tensed up muscles.
2.It helps in bladder control
3.Aids good respiration
4. It revitalises
5.Good for your general well-being
I am an advocate for everyday sex if both partners are up for it, do not feel different if you want it everyday and your partner does not, you can teach your other who may not be up to it and once adapted, the intimacy can only be experienced not explained.
Do not see sex as a chore,look at it as a way to get more intimate with your partner, it’s one of the beautiful things ordained by God and it should be enjoyed.Sex in marriage is not only a big deal, it’s a huge deal.
Dearest blog visitors, this is my view on sex in marriage. ….do you share a different opinion? Is there something you want to say or do you want to enlighten others further on this topic? Do feel free to drop your comments on mail me on


  1. Chima

    I don’t feel sex is overrated. Most couples don’t know the extent of damage a sexless marriage causes. It breeds resentment and ultimately causes infidelity.
    No one is too strong to resist temptation after sex deprivation.. A word is enough for the wise.!

  2. Kehinde Ake

    @ Chima, spot on there! No one is too disciplined to be tempted. Our ability to resist temptation is not borne out of love for our partner, it’s just sheer respect.

    @ Onome, thanks for sharing this delicate issue. There is not much to say after you have harped on the importance of xes exhaustively. Your write up is a leaning on the prevalent belief that xes in marriage originates from men only. Maybe, it’s because African women are brought up to be xesually conservative even in marriage. They never see it as their place to request xes albeit how subtle the overture. Xes in marriage should be fully explored without any iota or shred of shame or inhibition. Be a ‘bad’ wife in bed and a good one in the kitchen.


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