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Oftentimes I’ve heard so many people talk about savings and investment; lots of arguments, disagreements about the pros and cons of each of them.

Now let me take you through my journey in life; as a child growing up, I was encouraged to save monetary gifts I got whenever a visitor calls at our home, money given to me as a form of appreciation was constantly being reminded to be saved and as such I had a Colo (a small box with a little hole through which money can pass) and the keys always in my moms care.

Day-in day-out, all through the year I had this unexplained excitement; an assurance that all I’ve saved up in the course of the year will be handed over to me to purchase whatsoever I so desired at the end of the year.

On the other hand, I had a friend who I thought was not as lucky as I was because each time she gets a Monetary gift and shows to her mum; she never had the opportunity to save hers since her mother uses the money to add to what she had to trade with the promise of giving her the profit made from each item purchased with her money. She felt she was being punished and was never happy with her mom whenever such happens.

She got to save the profit made on her money each time her mom sells off her goods and buys another set; this goes on all year.

Towards the end of the year we both decided to bring out our colo to know how much we had saved; I was the happier one eager to get to my money, I knew I much I had dropped in my savings and I’d made a list of what I wanted to use my money for. On the other hand,my friend wasn’t as excited as I was because she thought she only got to save little from all the many she got in the course of the year.

Little did she know that the little she dropped from time to time surpassed all that I had; to say we were both surprised as young girls when we saw how much we had individually would be an understatement and in my curiosity I went to my mother and told her my friend’s mom got her a magic box that doubled all her savings despite the fact that she didn’t get to save all she had and mother tried explaining as much as she could  but I was too young to understand what she had to say.

Looking back now I’ve come to understand what my mother meant when she said though it seemed we did the same thing but there’s a difference in what we practised. Now, I realise what I did was mainly savings but my  friend on the other hand tried her hands on investment which not only got her the money back but gave her profit that exceeded her expectations.

Just like my friend and I, you may presently be thinking about the best choice to make between stashing your money away in a bank or trying your hands at investment; do not despair, there’s no need to be confused, let’s look at the meaning of both words;

INVESTMENT: A placement of capital in expectation of deriving INCOME or PROFIT from its use.

SAVINGS: That which has been saved, particularly money that has been set aside for the future.

From the above definition, it’s clearly stated that investment guarantees income and profit. I’m here to talk about an investment that beats economic recession, financial instability and guarantees unrivaled income that will leave you wondering how you did it.

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