So, I read Etcetera’s write – up on how to please a Nigerian man and all I could say is please spare me the sermon.
Okay, sex in marriage is very much a necessity for it’s survival, it cannot be short – changed, but it is also a well known fact that men are the most insatiable set of humans when it comes to sex.Yes, I know what I am saying and yes you can quote me.Even if you give a man the most out-of-this-world (if there is a word like that) kind of sex everyday, a man that will cheat will cheat. Come to think of it, how do you even expect a woman who isn’t getting love, respect and care from her husband submit willingly and wholeheartedly to sex? Please, we are not sex toys who do not have feelings or emotions.
He talked about wives submitting to their husbands and even backed it up with a biblical instruction, but he was careful enough not to consider the next verse(Colosians 3:18-19 ) The verse where God asks the man to love his wife and be not bitter against her.
Although, the role of submission can never be underestimated in the success of a marriage, but is it possible for a woman to continously submit to a man who doesn’t show her love? A man who doesn’t care about his wife’s feelings?A man who thinks a his wife should be used and exhausted.
You may ask what is Onome talking about again, let’s look at this scenario where a wife has been out all day, sweating it out , copying with all the work place challenges, a wife who passes through the rigours of the Nigerian road and gets home all tired and spent with a husband who probably doesn’t do anything or who runs a private business.The wife gets home from work and her husband constantly nagging and reminding her about how he hasn’t eaten and complaining about minor things, I ask is there anything bad or wrong if the man knowing his wife will come back exhausted, prepares food down for her to eat? Yea, I know you are thinking it’s “unafrican” for a man to do that.Come on, if we can copy so many unafrican things we can also imbibe this.
Nigerian women are the most submissive, enduring set if of people that I know, we are ready to do all things to make our marriages work but men also have got a role to play.
Did you say men need women’s input in making the right decisions? Allow me to ask how many men value a woman’s opinions, nothing could be as humiliating as when a man gives his wife the most disdainful look whenever she tries to make suggestions, you know that look of “wetin this one dey talk”
How many men have the patience of listening to the “women” talk. As a husband, do you give her that attention she deserves when talking? That alone gives her the confidence to be herself whenever she is around she and she will always crave your company.
In as much as I don’t support a nagging wife, trust me when I say it can be frustrating when dealing with one, but the men contribute to a woman’s nagging. I am yet to see a woman who’nags’ for no reason. Have you ever tried to look into that thing that your woman supposedly nags about and she still continued?
A man who wants a peaceful home should first create an environment of peace.You can get the best from a woman if you treat her like a queen, show her how important she i001s to your life.Never ever compare her to other women, that alone kill our vibes.Show your wife more and more love, respect her opinions and always treat her right.

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