Land, the original and inexhaustible gift of nature which is a form of universal guarantee.Perhaps, the oldest and most profitable form of collateral; land is still very attractive due to the fact that it cannot be destroyed, moved, stolen or wasted.

The greatest injustice one can commit against oneself is not having any source of investment.Investment could be in form of stocks,annuities, bonds,insurance, real estate and many others.

The abovementioned are good forms of investment but how can your investment earn the most and suffer the least risk,one of the these investment has been proven to stand heads and shoulders above the rest; Real Estate.

You’ve probably heard over and over again about investing in real estate and you’re thinking why so much noise about an investment when it’s just another form of investment; it’s probably becoming more of a bore that you’re wondering what’s the big deal? Why so much noise?

Perhaps if you understood the growth and gain associated with the real estate market you will realise it’s a big deal,only then will you understand that it’s not just another form of investment.

Do you know that when talking about investment; be it a long-term or short-term, more people are sticking with the one with zero-risk? Such as the one real estate offers.

The value and importance of investing in real estate can never be overestimated.Investment to some people means stocks but unlike stocks, real estate gives more guarantees of not losing money.For instance, there is no guarantee that the value of shares will be the same few years after purchase;as a matter of fact, there exists a 50% chances of the value of shares depreciating, neither is there a guarantee of the company invested in being around few years after investment.

According to the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE), market capitalization dropped from N11.658tn in May 2015 to N9.926tn in May 2016 (

Do you know that a plot of land that sold at N500,000 last year presently sells between the range of N1, 500, 000 to N3, 000, 000 in the same location this year? Now, that’s more than a 100% growth rate.

Furthermore, rent paid on a 3-bedroom apartment for instance increases on a yearly basis within the same locality. Talk about an investment with a huge growth rate.

Real estate has come rose stay; There is a reason why it’s called REAL, you can see and access your property and as such it’s difficult to fall a victim of fraud; you can physically inspect, verify and evaluate everything.


1.SAFEST FORM OF INVESTMENT: When you evaluate the return and risks associated with buying property and stocks.Property wins hands down,with property you are assured of making profit because a property will always appreciate.

2.EASY TO GET STARTED: You don’t need a specialist knowledge to start investing and making profit neither do you need to be highly educated.

3.IT IS NOT AFFECTED BY RECESSION: Despite the current rate of recession in the country, property continues to appreciate and the most interesting part is the rate of appreciation increases on a monthly and yearly basis.

4.EASIER TO MANAGE WITH 100% CONTROL: Unlike the stock market where you need to have a stock broker to handle trades,real estate is easier to manage; once you’ve settled, you directly own the asset and you have complete control over it  and as such you can determine price and asset worth.

5.IT IS AN ASSET YOU CAN USE: Whether investment or not, your property still remains your property; you may decide to sell, lease or move in.

6.YOUR JOB AND OTHER SOURCES OF INCOME IS UNSTABLE: With the rate at which employers are letting go of hundreds of employees so as to manage funds and increase per capita income, real estate still remains the only form of stable investment you can fall back on in the long run.

7.FEW YEARS FROM NOW YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD STARTED TODAY: Real estate is rapidly growing and at this rate investors will become multi-billionaires in few years from now.

“Do you know that When the computer company Apple was building a data server in North Carolina, they paid an elderly couple $1.7 million for an acre of land which they originally purchased for $6,000 some 34 years ago.”? Right there is something to ponder on.

The onus is on you to get started today and key into this never-failing, ever-booming market.There are no regrets  and the profit margin is huge.

Real estate is not just an investment; it is a great investment with huge benefits, it is a big deal.

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