Limitations, according to the oxford dictionary, is simply defined as a restriction, a fault or failing. I know There comes a time in our lives when we have to deal with one or two types of challenges,but I’m not here to talk about that today; I’m inspired to talk about the ways our fears, assumptions causes us to restrict and cage ourselves to one particular spot, the ways we’ve conditioned our thinking to squatting in a position where we’re meant to be stepping up to greater things.

Most times, we short-change ourselves by limiting our capabilities and talking ourselves out of achieving but rather choosing to succumb to fear of the unknown. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, walk with me as we go through some of the ways these things work; let’s walk through some of the ways we destroy our ideas and goals;

1. MEMORIES OF PAST FAILURES:This is by far the greatest fear of all fears, failure is the worst and best experience an individual can live; worst because if  not properly handled could mar one’s perception to life.However, understanding how to deal with failures and the role it plays in our lives makes it become one of the best experience in life.

You have an idea that could change your life and that of others but you’re afraid of letting it out, you’re ashamed of being laughed at; maybe because an idea of yours flopped in the past, you decided to bury another forgetting that great achievements of great people and some of the inventions we enjoy today were once ideas of people that failed many times and received criticism before eventual success.

2. FEELING UNIMPORTANT Talk about short-changing yourself,saying to yourself; who am i that people will listen to me and see the good in my idea, thinking why would a company want to go into partnership with them when i’m a nobody and my family name does not ring a bell;do I hear you say “who does that”?.

Well, that’s what some of us do. We’ve so much conditioned our mind towards thinking we can’t strive to be more than what we already are. We have subconsciously reduced our value to zero yet we wonder why people treat us with no respect; talk about people seeing through us.

3.OVER-DEPENDENCE ON OTHERS’ PERCEPTION: The instance you start living life based on how and what others feel is the instance you stop living”.

That’s the fastest route to failure, you become a puppet being controlled against your own will. It stinks not to have your own voice and course of action. Do not get me wrong, it’s good to seek opinions but it becomes bad when you allow their opinions change your intentions.

Now, the question is are their opinions leading you towards achieving your goals and becoming better or making you stray away from what could have been your major break.

4. THE ENEMY CALLED COMFORT ZONE: Becoming comfortable in a particular place, being accustomed to a particular way of life limits our moving forward and becoming better.Comfort zone is about the worst dream killer; the thought about what if it’s not better on the other side denies us the opportunity of finding out if the other side could have been the best,thereby preventing us from learning one of life’s hard lessons; risk taking.

5. WAITING FOR  THE BEST TIME: Truth is there’s never a thing called best timing, waiting for the best time is a total waste of time, the best time never comes.You need to start doing what you need to do know, do not wait until you have full capabilities, do not wait until the economic conditions are right.Now is the best time, get up and be the best; I don’t believe in limitations, I know for a fact that limits are self-imposed.Welcome back,it’s been a long while and I sincerely apologise for the long break.Thank you for sticking around, stay with me as we go through the ways  we can overcome limitations and work towards breaking barriers.

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