I have been staring at this picture of the seventy-fiive year old woman,Madam Beatrice Oyesolu who lost her only surviving children,Taiwo and Kehinde Oyesolu in the most brutal and heartbreaking way.

My soul is troubled,it gets scarier in my country.Life has got no value,no thanks to the people we call our security agents, the group of people who after God should protect lives and properties.
How long do we continue this way?For how long will we watch the cops kill innocent and defenceless citizens? Will we continue allowing them get away with it? Is there nothing that can and should be done to prevent this acts? These are some of the questions that are yet unanswered.
Take a look at this elderly woman and for once put yourself in her shoes,at a time she is to reap the fruits of her labour on her children,twin that she nurtured from scratch to adulthood,life suddenly and cruelly became meaningless.

How many cases of unjustified killings in the hands of the cops can we account for? Is it the case of Taiwo and Kehinde and their friend who were only hanging out in a celebratory mood, were these young men constituting nuisance? Were they obstructing justice?Were they disturbing peace and order? Were they criminals? Did they attack this wicked and misfortune of a man who calls himself a cop?

Just when I was still trying to fathom the killing of this young and promising final year engineering student of the University of Port-Harcourt who also doubles as a photographer just to sponsor himself through school and support his mother and siblings since the death of their father, a young man with a promising future knocked down by a group of policemen driving against traffic….My God…what kind of society is this, I try to put myself in his mother’s shoes and I can’t begin to imagine what she has been going through for the past one week, how will she deal with this avoidable loss? Who will fill the vacuum his death has left? I keep seeing the image of his lifeless body on the hospital bed. No mother deserves this cruelty.

What about the case of Mr.and Mrs.Ekpo who were shot at because they refused to settle an officer, their only offence was their refusal to bribe a trigger happy cop. Mrs.Ekpo was killed on the spot, a nursing mother with three other young children were left motherless no thanks to the trigger happy cop.Can you begin to imagine how life will become for these children? How difficult it will be growing up without their mother?

This is just to name a few of the extrajudicial killings Nigerians suffer in the hands of law enforcement agents.

According to reports, Officer Stephen James was a known drunk and a smoker of cannabis (Igbo), this brings to mind so many questions that am sure most of us are yet to find answer;
(1) What kinds of people do the Nigeria Police Force recruit?
(2) How do they go about their recruitment and training? Is there any sort of reorientation of character and social interaction involved in their training?
(3) Does the Nigeria Police Force have a list of do’s and don’t that the recruitees know? And were they made to understand the gravity of going against the rules?
I acknowledge the fact that we have good cops but majority of our policemen are hooligans,drunks with no sense of humanity.

I have been stripped naked because they are my clothes, who will I turn to now

These words keep echoing in my head…..and after all the “ohhs and ahhs“,after all the public condemnations of these incidents, what happens? Life goes on for most of us, but for this people life can never be the same. Life ceased to have meaning the moment their loved ones were killed.

I know the Police Command will always come out to condemn these killings and probably promise that the culprits will be prosecuted. In some cases, we read about their prosecution and sentence.Some are sentenced to life imprisonment and in some well publicised cases some may be sentenced to death. My question is who ensures all these punishment are carried out.
These erring officers should be served their punishment publicly for all to see.

Then again, you may want to ask “Does it bring back the dead”? It doesn’t but it will serve as a lesson to the bad eggs.

What do you think should be done?I need the youths to cry out, we need to create a united front.We need to shout it loud, our government must have to put a stricter sentence on extrajudicial killings and ensure it is carried out for all to see.

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