May Day came into existence in the 1860’s when workers around the world campaigned against exploitation, capitalism and also demanded for safe working conditions and respect for the dignity of labour.

In Nigeria, the workers day was first declared by the People Redemption Party (PRP) of Land State in 1980 which later became a national holiday on May 1,1981. I don’t think what the workers fought for back then is playing out in Nigeria, things are not just right with the Nigeria ‘ s working system.

The minimum wage in Nigeria as of today is #18,000 but it should not be a thing of shock to hear that only few people earn this”much”, we see cases of employers paying as low as #7000 and you see a married man with a wife and atleast 2 children working in such organisations and you wonder how such a man copes.

He is expected to feed, shelter, clothe and in some cases send his children to school. Another issue worth mentioning is this talk about staff and non – staff in a working environment. How sensible and fair is It that two people working in the same organisation and doing the same type of work earn different wages.In some cases, the non – staff even work harder than the so called staff.

Expatriates come into our country and treat our citizens as second class citizens, they pay meagre salary disrespect us and treat us badly and yet people still rush their job offers because they have no options. The government has even put us at the mercy of these expatriates by not probing their loop – holes.

Despite all these issues and many more like insecurity of lives and properties, unemployment and job uncertainty, workers still gather to celebrate the day and they have even come to embrace it. But come to think of it, who wouldn’t embrace it, after all its another extra day of rest.

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