Change is the only thing that is constant in life; it is an integral part of our life that we have no choice but to embrace. As long as we are live we will always be confronted with change. Desiring to go through the journey of the market square of life without change is to live in a fool’s paradise. Change is inevitable.

 Owing to the reality that change is inevitable we need to learn how to manage it. In the race of life we will either be confronted with change or confront others with change. The inevitability of change demands that we get prepared at all time to confront it when it calls.


 It is imperative that we identify with the complexity of change; what can be changed and what cannot . We must be acquainted with where change is necessary and where it is unnecessary. We must also know how to embrace change and how to effect it in order not to be carried away by the waves of change. This is very crucial especially if we want to be effective in managing our time, resources and relationship.

 We must be courageous and have the ability to act on certainty to effect changes as the tide and event may require. Whenever Change is not timed and properly effected, there are often adverse consequences. Whenever the much desired result of the change is not achieved we often lose hope, resentment and depression sets in.

To be successful in effecting change we must satisfy three basic necessities – right strategy , right motive and right execution.


 You should never be afraid of changes,embrace it when it comes whether you are prepared or not.When the change happens, you need to deal with it, do not let it weigh you down.Remember you can always use every change to your advantage.There is an element of good to every change, you may not see it at first but if well handled, you will realise things change for the better.See You At The Top.

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