Life oh life, there comes a point in one’s life that one has to forgo of all the bad memories, feelings and resentments one abhors towards another person.
  It is not because we no longer feel the hurt, neither is it that the scars are no longer there nor is it that we have forgotten, it is mainly because holding on doesn’t in any way help the situation.
You have loved an individual,you built your wold around that person and have even imagined a future with the person, then to your surprise, you find out they are actually head over heels in love with another person.You felt betrayed and vowed never to forgive and even swore to never love again.These things happen dear, it is time to let go of your anger and probably give love another chance.


Been in a relationship for quite sometime and it seems like you are taking a step forward but your partner is taking three steps backward.You have done everything to make it work, sacrificed a whole lot because you cherish the relationship but you discover it’s not working and your partner couldn’t care less.Remember it takes two people to make love work, it’s better to have a failed relationship than a failed marriage.Take a walk….Let it go
  You can not stop blaming yourself for a mistake in the past, the thoughts of it haunts you, you feel ashamed and disgusted at yourself each time you remember. There is this deep anger in your soul each time you ponder on how it all happened. It is okay darling, most of us have done things that we are not proud of.Stoo beating yourself up and let it go.
As a married woman, you had the perfect courtship with your hubby, he was the perfect gentleman, your everything. You blessed the day you met him and even wishes to marry him in your second world if ever there was a thing like that.
You have grown do much in love with him and then bam mm. …, like an earthquake he gives you a shocker, he is not only cheating buy also rubbing it in your face and then you begin  to wonder where you went wrong and ponder on how it happened. You begin to wallow in self blame. It is as though the world is coming to an end.Its time to let go of that anger, if not for anything but for your own peace of mind.


Letting go is never an indication of weakness or stupidity,rather it paves ways for better and greater things.
   Please, for your own peace of mind, you just have to let go. Do not allow bitterness rob you of your blessing.
Do it now, forgive that person that has offended…..Let it go

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