That feeling of self assurance,the feeling of certainty and believing in oneself is what we all need to cultivate in order to pull through in life.
It is not something that can be learnt, it is a state of your mind.It is as a result of self acceptance
You need to get something and you are already having spirit of doubt,even before getting started you have already short-changed yourself,how then do you expect others to believe in the work of your hands.


You need to believe in your skills, ability and experience.Fear of the unknown,criticism, lack of knowledge, ineffective time management,past failure,feeling unprepared could be some reasons why we lose our confidence.
1.Learning and research boost our confidence when handling situations and tasks.
Some of us have been at this point at one point or the other but that doesn’t mean that we cannot boost a lost confidence .
Learning and research helps us have knowledge about topics, you cannot expect to know what you haven’t been taught.


2.Two of my favourite words are plan and prepare.I have not seen the magic that will make one handle a task without first being prepared, life is not all about abracadebra,You need to plan.Ever wondered why folks say failure to plan is a plan to fail?
3.Never underestimate the power of positive thinking too, after planning and training, you need to also believe in your abilities.You are a product of what or how you think.
4.Do you remember that experience is the best teacher?Past experiences from handling situations and completing task motivates us to do better and hence our confidence increases
5. Some of us even feel the need to run another person down before we can be noticed,that is a negative attitude.It is a recipe for failure.


  In conclusion,you can become whatsoever you want,all that you need is to succeed are practically achievable.You just need to understand them, work towards them and believe in yourself.See You At The Top.

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