One of the many fascinating trait of the Eagle is their ability to focus and not look back over their shoulder before advancing on a prey.


Whatever your God given vision is, pursue it earnestly, never look back no matter what, don’t get distracted, don’t give in to fear and never allow doubts to linger! As the Eagle is confident that nothing dares attack it from behind, let your confidence be in the lord, press on in full assurance that so long as you’re in his will; God’s got your back.

According to a popular nursery rhymes : Humpty dumpy sat on a wall, had a great fall and  broke into pieces, all the kings men were unable to put him back together and that was the end of brother humpty as we know it!

Don’t we sometimes feels like humpty? Broken by situations, circumstances, and in desperate need of solutions. : we may have been written off by wise men of this world or they’ve probably tried their humanly posibble best still no solution! the good news is, whatever the situation, no matter how bad, God can put us back together, wipe the slate clean and give us a fresh start, if we don’t look to people for solutions but to God he will send the right people our way!.

Are you on the right path yet facing rejection at every turn? Don’t despair! People’s rejection of you should not stop you from pressing on towards your goal rather let it inspire you to succeed in what God has placed in your hands.


Moses was first rejected by the isrealite, when the time came, the same moses led them out to freedom.

People may think what you have right now is not worth a thing, press on, keep your eyes on God, your hands busy and your heart pure, at just the right time, you will be honoured at the very place you were once rejected.

See You At The Top





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