You’ve been on a spot ,a place of comfort with everything moving on well;may not be the best of places but you think to yourself”it may not be working perfectly but i would rather stay put than trying to step out or try other options,who knows what is obtainable out there.You keep entertaining that inner voice that keeps telling you that the grass is never greener on the other side;what if it gets worse when you leave this spot.
There seems to be an unexplainable fear of failure even without trying;so many “ifs” keeps on coming to mind. I need you to understand that these feelings are not unusual,they happen to the smartest of persons;this is the feeling that comes with being accustomed to a particular way of life,the feeling that comes with the fear of the unknown even without trying to see what comes out of trying;the fear of leaving the comfort zone.
You may want to ask is this normal? why do i feel this way?
The comfort zone is a psychological state that is familiar to an individual that they feel and believe they are at ease and in control of everything,the state at which there is ease;the comfort zone is not a totally perfect state,fears,uncertainties and anxieties exists but at a minimal level.In our comfort zone we operate with so much control life with no propelling force to be better,we shy away from competitions and are restricted to a particular way of reasoning.
Stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the most fearful decision we all have to make at a point in life.Making the decision is dreadful enough,dealing with the not so pleasant effects that comes at the early stages is another point of concern;knowing how to and having the basic survival kits to dealing with these effects and the reasons why stepping out of the comfort zone is paramount will be of great relief in going through the process.
Before moving on i need to have it in mind that stepping out of your comfort zone entails doing things,taking steps and practicing what you are uncomfortable with,,making decisions that you fear or having to deal with the things that you hate.
As a matter of fact before having the will to want to burst out from your comfort zone there has to be a push,urge ,reason or better put a propelling force that pushes one,as long as there is a bigger force propelling you and a greater vision to want to be better;moving out of the comfort zone becomes a not so difficult task..
Now let us talk about the ways of bursting out from that comfort zone:
1.CONFRONT YOUR FEAR: The best way of dealing with fear is move towards it not far from it. Fear being one of the self-limiting factors to greatness can only be defeated when confronted. Do your fear rather than shying away from it. Your ability to confront and defeat your fear is a step forward to leaving the comfort zone.Note that the things that you fear to do have the great potentials of improving your life.

2.DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT:Remember i said the comfort zone is a state of ease,the state of doing things the same way repeatedly without wanting to start something new,now what other better way to step out from this sate than starting that you are ordinarily not comfortable with;something totally different.
3.KEEP A POSITIVE MINDSET: Remember we talked about fear of failure being one of the obstacles of getting out of the comfort zone,instead of thinking of the possibilities of failure,think of the many possibilities of the growth that comes with stepping out of the comfort zone.
4.TAKE BABY STEPS: If you are finding it difficult to stop some habits that will facilitate your stepping out of your comfort zone,start by dropping some of the habits one after the other and start something new towards getting better.
5.TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE:Sharing thoughts and fears with people who had similar experiences helps a lot,seeing how far they’ve come from where they used to be may just be all the nudge you need to make the decision to step out of your own comfort zone.
After all said,why then must you leave your comfort zone;
1.TAKING RISKS AIDS GROWTH:Do you know that the more risks you take,the more you learn and the more you grow?no matter the outcomes;risks should be embraced. Have you ever wondered why some little tasks that seems so hard to adults are often easy for children? The reason isn’t far fetched;children are open to learning without fear.
2.STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE: Embrace the thought of being uncomfortable doing things that you are not comfortable with for sometime and as time progresses you will realize that your brain starts adapting to the fact that your feared situations aren’t as bad as you presumed:by doing this you find yourself being comfortable in situations you never thought possible.

3.YOUR REAL LIFE LIES OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE: Limiting yourself to a particular way of life is like robbing yourself of living.Your real life is the sum total of all experiences,challenges and failure that you have encountered over the years and not just the personal thoughts,beliefs and feelings that you are comfortable with.
The comfort zone is so easy to enter, but so hard to leave. Do not confine yourself to a state of familiarity,security and comfort that comes with the comfort zone;take the step now.Keep a positive mindset and embrace your fears and obstacles,there are greater possibility that lies outside the comfort zone,See You At The Top

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