Having so much to do within a limited time? I bet we have all been at this point one or two times in our day-to-day activities.Come to think of it,is time ever enough? I have personally been at this point severally;having a lot on my schedule yet with little time to achieve them.I know how almost impossible it might seem to get a lot done,I know how choked-up one may feel sometimes.
Being a mom,a realtor and at the same a blogger; trust me when I say time is never enough but what has to be done must be done.How do I do it you may ask,who said it’s simple? Could be strenous but very much achievable. Over the years,I’ve been able to factor how to multi-task effectively.
I bet you are wondering what some of tips are? Welcome to my world as I share with you some of my tricks that helps me get effective results from multi-tasking;
1. Have a goal: Everyone is blessed with 24hours daily,the productivity of each day depends on how well you use it. The first key to think about when considering multitasking what has to be done and how do you do it.
Having a goal in mind helps you work towards allocating the time for each task, in other to get all done and save time for other activities; you must plan on which task takes the most priority and work down through your list to achieving all of your daily goals.

2. Work Ahead: Because there are days with unfavourable conditions such as the weather,traffic or if you presume there will be a big rush at a particular time; get up early and do the things you need to get done quickly so you don’t get caught up in all of the rush.
You have been able to save yourself time to enable you rest and save yourself the stress of scampering with every other person; with this your energy is preserved for other tasks.

3. Work On Related Tasks Together: As humans the brain works in such a way to identify the neurons needed for all tasks; switching between tasks means the brain has to adjust to a new task, this means putting too much pressure on yourself. This affects your overall focus, memory and productivity.
One of the tricks to multitasking effectively is to cut down on switching tasks; focus on working related tasks together, the more similar tasks are the easier it is to work through them.

4. Prioritize Your To-Do-List: To stay on top of your work and to avoid losing focus remind yourself what really needs to be done. Write down your daily task and rank them in order of priority and make sure you set aside enough time needed to address them.
Having a daily to-do list enables you to eliminate unnecessary tasks; if you have to multitask effectively, don’t spend time doing extra things.

5. Maximize Your Wait Time: Having an appointment that requires you to wait for some time before being attended to? This is not a time to sit and just stare unnecessarily, you can pick up a book to read, this is also an opportunity to do a mental evaluation or jot down ideas.

6. Work At A Pace You Can Sustain: Remember not to put too much pressure on the brain, take breaks when you need to, multitasking needs all of your focus; don’t be in a rush to get all done at once. Allow yourself the occasional breaks to freshen your horizon.
There are tasks that you sometimes cannot eliminate such as routine tasks, the tips to dealing with these kinds is to simplify them; this doesn’t mean you have to do a substandard work, just put in as much detail as they require. Do not go overboard.
Multitasking to some comes easy but takes a lot of practice for others; this is not to say that it is difficult to achieve, you just have to plan in advance.
Running a business or startup, everyone and everything demands all of our attention; constant distractions to do more are part of the job and they interrupt our focus. Your ability to learn how to effectively multitask helps you stay on top of your game and increases productivity.
Here’s wishing you a productive week……See You At The Top!!!!!

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