In psychology,first impression is the mental image an individual forms about another person upon a first encounter and this is usually achieved within seconds.The first impression a person gives to another greatly influences the way they are being viewed and treated for a long time;well until he/she is able to correct this,which may take a long time.First impressions are easily formed and takes only few seconds before forming an opinion about another based on looks,mannerisms,language and demeanors;this is one of the reasons why attractiveness and trustworthiness are the two major traits easily detected.
Can first impression be reversed or undone?
Generally speaking,our first impression about another individual is extremely important because this sets a major tone that dictates how we relate with them for a long time which makes it being almost impossible to reversed.But hey,nothing is impossible as long as one makes conscious efforts.The questions is why go through all the pains to correct the first impression already created when you can groom yourself to have leave that great impact and wonderful opinion of oneself when meeting another for the first time.Be it a business relation,family relation or social relationship;a first great impression is highly important and can be achieved.
A first impression says everything and according to experts is fast;happens within four seconds of meeting and takes about another twenty seconds to finalized the opinion formed.Why so fast you may ask.It is general knowledge that once you get a mental image of something for a first time it sticks and becomes stubborn to erase,hence when meeting a person for the first time we make judgements in a matter of swift seconds and this tells on our relationship and the way we view the person.
So if you ever get to say th wrong thing,dress the wrong way,make a mistake or arrive late for an appointment with a person you are meeting for the first time;just know you are setting off on a wrong note.

1.ALWAYS BE ON TIME:Arriving early to an appointment is hands down better than being late,no one is interested in your reasons for being late;it is only logical to assume that a serious minded individual has control over his time and should plan and make provisions for any eventuality. It is time we ditched the african time mentality if we are to make a great first impression.Arrive early for a meeting/event and watch how composed and confident you will be;you have set a relaxed environment for the first encounter and scored a major point.
2.APPEARANCE IS KEY: It has been largely accepted that one is addressed the way they are dressed,permit me to add that you are also being judged based on your appearance.Your clothes represent about 90% of your total appearance and as a result takes a 90% of the first impression made.
You need to take control over every aspect of your appearance and grooming,you wouldn’t want to arrive a business meeting or interview looking tacky and under-dressed;make a conscious effort to appear like a power influential individual who has got everything under total control and is very confident.
3.BE PREPARED: How prepared you are When meeting a person for the first greatly influences the persons’ perception of you.Say you are meeting a potential client,make your findings about such person,understand his needs and how your services and expertise will be of help to him;this will give you a clue on how to pitch yourself to him.You could even make a list of talking points on what the person cares about and how your skills can help him solved the problems he needed solved.
If you are meeting for an interview,it is imperative that you know what the organization/individual stands for,their aims and objectives,some of the names and profile of the board of directors;this goes a long way in showing your enthusiasm and passion about the company.
4.BE RELAXED,BE YOURSELF: I know there is a possibility of being nervous when meeting another person for the first time;it is logical and understandable but you should not let your anxiety show and control you.Try to be confident and calm as this will also put the other person at ease.This makes conversation flow freely and creates a wonderful first impression;with this you can easily sell anything and present yourself as a sought after individual.
5. DWELL ON YOUR STRENGTHS MORE: Do not try to be jack of all trades when meeting a person for the first time,talk about what you know and what you are good at;be careful not to come across as being proud,try to support your points with visible reports and let your skills and past results do more of the talking.Do not derail from what you do or what you are good at so as not to flop .
6.ENGAGE AND BE ENGAGING: Never make the mistake that you have to make a good impression by impressing the other person with their vast knowledge. Your aim should be to have a memorable and engaging conversation.Do not do all the talking;communication is effective when the two involved contribute,make the conversation open and let the other person contribute because the better you make them feel the better their first impression they will have of you.

7.BE POSITIVE:Keep a positive attitude all through,your attitude reflects on everything even when faced with challenges or criticisms.
8.Be polite and courteous,do not leave room for distractions.
Always remember that a picture says a thousand words,when meeting a person for the first time the first image they get of you is the first impression they have of you and this happens in a matter of seconds,it is important you give each new encounter your best shot ;image is everything do not create the wrong ones.
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